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Ylang Ylang CLEAR SpF 48-50

Ylang Ylang CLEAR SpF 48-50

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A true visionary, this product personality is known for its passion for new ideas. She is quick, innovative, encouraging, clear and to the point, relying on her scientifically proven formula and ability to generate  UVA/UVB skin proyecting confidence. When applied properly you have freedom to explore places where others may not have the guts to! She’s happy to be the first one to point out the elephant in the room (Cancer), regardless of whether it’s appropriate or not. She has your back… literally.


Ylang Ylang, cocoa butter
(certified, concentrate aloe vera)
(certificate 100%, almond oil)
SPF 50 (organic, vitamin E (gluten free)
vegetal glicerine organic certified, (soja) emulsifying wax ,copolímero a base de maíz, coffee extract, carrot seed oil, dimeticone, mix of zinc oxide & oxibenzone, mica mineral pure essential oils, organic & certified by USDA, Ylang-ylang, vainilla, tahitian coconut natural essences, Optiphen DP

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