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What’s the most common question you get asked by clients?

Most questions people ask are about their skin, either it is too dry, oily, or sensitive. A lot of the skin issues that people are having are because they are negatively reacting to their products, or using ingredients that are too harsh. My goal is always to simplify, and get everything back into your personal balance. This is unique to everyone.

How should I store Raw Botanicals' products?

Never store any of our Raw Botanicals products in your medicine cabinet or refrigerator. Even if unopened, these locations retain moisture and can cause bacteria, yeast and or mildew to grow. This is even far more dangerous than using a toxically preserved product. Never keep any of our products, for more than 1 year.

Can I combine these products with those I am currently using?

Absolutely! All of our Medi-Spa facial products are pH balanced in a range that is optimum for product penetration and to aid in building the skins natural defense system against free radical damage. It is not advisable to combine lightening products, Vitamin C, retinol or AHA products with other products containing similar ingredients or ingredients of similar actions.

What does organic certification mean to Raw Botanicals?

At Raw Botanicals we believe in 100% transparency, that said we formulate process and create all of our products in a manner that we can be proud of. In the meantime for us, this means that we visit all of our providers on a yearly basis (worldwide), and we try to guarantee that their farming practices and facilities are being managed in a sustainable and fair manner. These farmers & facilities are all members of Costa Rican APOT, an association of producers specialized in organic products (Bio) whose mission is to defend the rights of the farmers and to promote the development of an environment-friendly agriculture. In addition, Raw Botanicals is a proud member of the OTA organic trade association, in 2005 we established a small 10 acre farm in Costa Rica; we are currently in the process of seeking biodynamic DEMETER certification for this location. Lastly, we grow what we can in our own little organic and sustainable garden at our Costa Rican facility. INTERNATIONAL INGREDIENTS: We gather our international ingredients from reputable certified organic facilities that produce ingredients that are, Oregon Tilth certified, USDA NOP Certified, and ECOCERT Certified.

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What's your 'secret weapon'...the product that you recommend for almost every client?

Probably the Papaya Facial Renewing Peel, used twice a day it creates an instant change in texture and elasticity. What I love best about this product is that it is formulated using a simple Costa Rican honey base (which is a natural antibacterial) it works on everyone, with ANY skin type, and in ANY age range.

Which products will give me the most overall benefits?

We believe all of our products achieve the goal of overall benefits to our clients. However, we do have product winners, which have rated excellent for specific skin conditions.

Medi-Spa Lemon Cleansing Meringue: everyday uses for dry/sun-damaged, combination skin types.

Medi-Spa Papaya Facial Renewing Peel: everyday uses for all skin types, excellent for dry/sun damages, acne, combination, oily skin types.

Medi-Spa Ylang Ylang Miracle Cream: everyday uses for all skin types, excellent for sun-damaged/dry/sensitive skin types.

Medi-Spa Citrus Seaweed Recovery Mask: everyday use, excellent for oily, combination, sun-damaged, acne skin types.

Medi-Spa Hibiscus Clarifying Floral Water: everyday use, is excellent for dry/sun-damaged, oil/combination, acne, sensitive.

Is it OK to squeeze pimples at home?

Yes & No. Small whiteheads that have reached the top dermal layer can be gently extracted using two index fingers covered in tissue. If you need to push with any level of intensity then you should stop immediately. This may cause the pimple to rupture internally and spread bacteria from the hair follicle into the surrounding skin, prolonging healing. It can also lead to scarring. Instead, apply some benzoyl peroxide, salicylic acid, and or my personal favorite Apple Cider Vinegar, once or twice a day directly to the pimple. You can also try simple bentonite clay on the affected area overnight. Try out the Citrus Seaweed Recovery Mask, it has been our most popular breakout buster for years.