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Mango Dream Cream

Mango Dream Cream

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Extraverted with the ability to bring people into her orbit with her scent alone. She has a strong value system… After all, she is the “mother” of all Raw Botanicals products! She was the founder's first product made in the jungles of Costa Rica over 20 years ago


Deionized Water, Certified Organic Costa Rican Cocoa Butter, 100x Certified Organic Aloe Concentrate, Organic Tangerine and Orange Hydrosol, Organic Almond Oil, Vitamin E Oil (Gluten-Free), Vitamin C Ester, Certified Organic Vegetable Glycerin (Soy-Based Non-GMO), (AHA) Mango Fruit Extract, (AHA) Papaya Fruit Extract, USDA Certified Organic Orange, Mandarin Orange, and Grapefruit Essential Oil, Optiphen DP (ECOCERT Certified Preservative).

Molly Tips

I always bring this in my travel bag when abroad; to make sure I can give myself a creamy hand and foot wrap while away. I never know exactly what to expect of a non-tropical climate, so this keeps my skin in optimal condition and makes sure the dewy tropical humidity stays with me no matter where I go!

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