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Lemongrass Insect Deterrent

Lemongrass Insect Deterrent

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FIERCELY independent! She is a people person who is always ready for a new challenge or opportunity. 

She has no problem speaking her mind and working out most situations as she maneuvers through them rather than spending time strategizing or planning. Often known to have an impact on her surroundings, she loves to be the center of energy.


Deionized Water, Certified Organic Costa Rican Cocoa Butter, 100x Certified Organic Aloe Concentrate, Organic Lemongrass Hydrosol, Organic Almond Oil, Vitamin E Oil (Gluten Free), Vitamin C Ester, Certified Organic Vegetable Glycerin (Not Based on GMO Soy), Vegetable (Soy) Wax Emulsifying Mango Fruit Extract (AHA), Papaya Fruit Extract (AHA), USDA Certified Organic Essential Oils of Eucalyptus citriodora, Lemon Eucalyptus, Citronella and Lemongrass, natural essences of mint, Optiphen DP (ECOCERT certified preservative)

Molly Tips

FYI, this is also a body lotion, yep. It’s basically our famous Mango Dream Cream formula tweaked with a POP. With just a smidge of our luminous ingredient Eucalyptus Citradora, this power packed sexy scent attracts humans only.

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