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Lavender After Sun Treatment

Lavender After Sun Treatment

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The only introvert among our products. Rather than deriving energy from joining the group, our introvert needs some alone time to sit and ponder.  Left alone on your skin for minutes or hours, she is rather shy and reserved. She feels fulfilled when she’s engaging in Fact-based, detail-oriented skin concerns, relying on logic and reason. That’s why she was infused with Vitamin C Ester, making a bad SPF free day in the sun a set and resolved solution to a bad sunburn, scrape or burn. She is the inspector personality! Find it, inspect it, fix it.


Certified organic Costa Rican aloe gel, 100% pure essential oil of lavender, vegetable glycerin, vitamin C Ester, natural essence of Lavender and preservative.

Molly Tips

This product cures on contact, no joke. Many people ask me what I recommend for those horrible “wind burns” that come from skiing and long days out in the sun and ocean. Well folks, this is it. Apply this immediately after a tepid shower to affected areas. The quicker it absorbs, the more damaged your skin, so keep applying it until you have a tacky feeling. This signifies that your skin has reached its hydration limit. Sleep on it and wake up refreshed and revved for another day in the elements.

Also, our treatment has been recommended by tattoo artists!

Don’t forget your sunblock!

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