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Coconut Bath and Body Serum

Coconut Bath and Body Serum

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Concerned about her social status, able to connect well with others, and often times too needy? Sound’s like the popular people in high school; the cheerleaders and quarterbacks of their schools. Underneath this shallow facade is genuine care for the individuals around her and a compulsion to aid them in becoming the best versions of themselves! Even if she can be a bit too pushy about it.


Deionized Water, Cold-pressed virgin Costa Rican coconut oil, certified organic non-GMO soy oil, certified organic almond oil, vitamin E oil (Gluten-Free), USDA certified organic essential oils of vanilla, peppermint, and bergamot, Optiphen DP (ECOCERT certified preservative).

Molly Tips

- For the body, apply the oil in circular movements after showering, focusing on drier areas and stretch marks.
- For the hair, apply thin layers to the lengths and tips.
- For the face, warm a few drops in the palms of your hands and gently massage all the way to your decollete, avoiding the eye contour area.
- It can also be used to scent your bathwater, or as a massage oil and cuticle oil for the nails.

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