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Beach Pack

Beach Pack

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Never step out without the Raw Botanicals Beach Pack - your ultimate shield against harmful sun exposure! Packed with pure, safe, and organic ingredients like cocoa butter and plant extracts, this tropical set is your go-to companion for outdoor fun, all year round. With its delightful scents and skin/hair protecting products, it's a must-have for everyone in the family. For a pampering spa-like experience, try applying the Banana Glistening Hair Balm all over your scalp and hair, basking in the sun's rays to infuse the hydrating banana leaf extract, and then gently applying the Ylang Ylang UV Protection Cream on your face and body. Finally, indulge in moments of relaxation while misting yourself with the cooling eco-mist. It's pure luxury without any compromise on safety.


  • Lavender After Sun Treatment
  • Eucalyptus Eco- Mist
  • Ylang-Ylang Protective Cream


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